Un chant d’amour

I feel more than a bit under-qualified to comment on Un chant d’amour.  I know little about LGBT cinema and nothing about Jean Genet, outside of what I’ve read following my viewing.

Despite my ignorance, Un chant d’amour speaks on a very basic level that needs no research to understand.  Banned as obscene and pornographic, the 1950 short film was smuggled to the United States in pieces, hidden in a traveler’s clothing.

Un chant d’amour is erotic, but not arousing.  (at least, not to me)  It vividly communicates love and lust in a way that crosses sexual boundaries.  I may not share Genet’s love of the young actor, but I understand it, at least in part.

For those interested in the intellectual context, jim’s film website has the best essay I could find on the film.

You can view it in its entirety for free online at http://www.ubu.com/film/genet.html

Un chant d’amour is #542 on the Top 1000 Films listTop 1000 Films list I’m working on.  I’ve now seen 353.

About Adam Call Roberts

I live and work in the beautiful Ozarks of Northwest Arkansas. I have a 2-year-old son who, right now, loves dinosaurs, dragons and showing off how fast he can run. I'm counting down through the list of 1,000 Greatest Films. Follow my journey here. I'm also a genealogy buff, and I blog about my family history.
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